I live with my darling usually called as Kimi-sama and a pet (cat) called as Ryu. 
Kimi & Pamel love the delicious food and southern islands.
We live in the United States , because of Kimi's business. But it is misunderstood by everybody, I can hardly speak English. (^.^;)
The direction what the four seasons Pamela pass in the United States -- the button here --clicking

Pamela's favorite southern island is Tahiti. Kimi loves Tahiti& dive also under the influence of me.
Of course, we had a marriage ceremony in BoraBora (Tahiti).
In Japan, we had a little wedding reception with on corporate-related.
The situation of the marriage ceremony in BoraBora Wedding(Tahiti)
The situation of the wedding reception in JapanWedding(Japan)

The origin of a name

I like the sexy actress of Pamela Anderson Lee. And my handle name is using from her name.

A favorite writer & favorite book

I like the work of Natsuhiko Kyogoku , Miyuki Miyabe, and Rieko Saibara (^. ^;).
But the favorite book is "Onihei-hankachou" , the mystery of Tokugawa period .
My observing by the latest writer is Mr. Koji Aida. He was awarded in Izu Literary Prize 2000.

Favorite food, disagreeable food

Disagreeable food is fermented soybeans. I can't eat it.
Favorite food is a salmon caviar roll.


My favorite marine sport is scuba diving. My first experience of dive was at Tahiti and I was very surprised the bottom of the sea was such a beautiful and wonderful.
Another hobbies are reading books and  traveling.